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I remember hearing about this pass before actually seeing it. Jason said he’d practiced a fake behind-the-back in some interview during NBA Inside Stuff or something, but instead of Rondo’s cup-the-ball feint, Williams uses his opposite elbow to bounce the ball to the side he was initially dribbling from. It wasn’t that effective on this play, and I only saw him do it one other time in his career, but the sheer ingenuity of the fake is dazzling. It’s something you’d have to be a gym rat to invent and a superior ball-handling virtuoso to actually pull off in an NBA game. It wasn’t like his earlier ball fakes and wrap-arounds, but a more nuanced level of deception that escaped  the defender’s notice. It was like Jason was too cunning and too fast with the concotion to be effective. Plus, it was a behind-the-back fake, which is really two fakes, and because the ball actually left the hand he’s faking with, there’s no holding on to the ball for a longer period of time, or trying to lay the ball in; it’s a pass, from the moment of its inception. Whether it was at another level or it was superficial to the moment, it always appears more amazing than its efficiency and frequency realized. 

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